Hello an11214038_778383822687_8606571112025726848_nd welcome!

My name is Avery and I am the author/outfit arranger here at A Very Well Dressed Woman. I started this blog over a year ago as a way to address the lack of plus size clothing “Buy This” lists. While I still am loving that concept and trying to do something similar, I have also found that when speaking to many others like me that the most important thing for plus size women is to see how individual items all come together in one amazing outfit.

So I am revamping this site a bit! I will take a post from a regular size blog and create a plus size outfit that is similar. The outfits will include everything from top to bottom, earrings to shoes. While I would not call myself a fashionista, I feel I am up to the challenge of trying to help full-figured women find the outfits that fit their body perfectly.

Here at A Very Well Dressed Woman, I hope to provide fashion advice and an online outfit look-book for those of us who have been blessed with fuller hips and curves. All the outfits or wardrobes on this site are arranged by me with occasional input from my mom, Marie, and all are geared towards women’s sizes 16 and up. I also understand that many of us are working with tight clothing budgets so almost every item will be under $150. Occasionally I may splurge and arrange a pricier outfit, but for the most part, all outfits are designed for those on a budget.

For a look into styles I love, please check out my Pinterest Board. I also have a second blog designed for those who are curvaceous and love to DisneyBound: Disney Bound with Curves.

Again welcome and I hope I can help you find your next amazing outfit that fits your curves perfectly!